SSL Shelter Mount


SELS’ SSL shelter mounted solar-powered systems are a perfect solution where existing bus stops require lighting and amenity retrofits. Our smart solution can include a variety of options including security lighting, communications, and miscellaneous power needs. Zero upkeep or maintenance costs make the SSL-Series the ideal solution for temporary or long-term needs. SELS’ designs are optimized for performance and reliability ensuring continuous use and on-demand power.


Product Specs:

Solar Panel: Monocrystalline Silicon.

Structure: UV-resist ABS | ABS available in any color.

LED Output Power: 10 Watts LED.

Lumens: 1800 lm

Mounting: Adaptable mounting system allows SSL to mount to any type or shape of shelter.

Power Storage: High Performance LiFePO4 Batteries.

Options: ADA Compliant Pedestrian activation button, provides a two-tone audible confirmation as well as visual confirmation.

Function: Solar Light System for shelters. LED lighting provides security and illumination. Optional security camera for surveillance. Motion Sensor activates LED.

Protection degree: IP66 water resistant.

Working temperature: -25°C~65°C

Rainy/cloudy days: Lasts 5 days.


H: 11.4 cm | 4.5 in

W: 78.7 cm | 31 in


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