Solar Bus Shelter


SELS’ Solar Bus Shelter is the first of its kind. Utilizing Bi-Facial Solar panels adds to the modern aesthetic while making this shelter feel open-concept. 6063 Aluminum construction offers a sleek and corrosion prove shelter ideal for any environment. Modular design makes this the most adaptable bus shelter available. This plug-and-play style of installation allows for any length of shelter starting at 9′. It showcases LED bars activated by IR motion sensors. Remotely operated discreet surveillance cameras. Wireless and wired charging as well as AC outlets.

Product Specs:

Solar Panel: Bi-Facial Monocrystalline Silicon.

Structure: 6063 Aluminum | Powder Coating available in any color.

LED Output Power: 45 Watts LED.

Lumens: 1800 – 15,000 lm

Installation: Modular “plug-and-play” design. All pieces are bolted together on site.

Power Storage: High Performance LiFePO4 Batteries.

Options: ADA Compliant Pedestrian interaction allows for wheelchair access. 

Function: Solar Light System for shelters. LED lighting provides security and illumination. Discreet security camera for surveillance. Motion Sensor activates LED. Wireless and wired charging for all devices. AC power for larger consumption.

Protection degree: IP66 water resistant.

Working temperature: -25°C~65°C

Rainy/cloudy days: Lasts 5 days.


H: 304.8 cm | 120 in

W: 152.4 cm | 60 in

L: 274.3 – 548.6 cm | 108 – 216 in

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